Exotic KC Hookah Lounge
(816) 216-6589

3919 Broadway Kansas City, Missouri 64111

4:00 PM - 2:00 AM
fantasia hookah & shisha at exotic Hookah lounge in kansas city

Fantasia Shisha Tobacco

Exoitc KC Hookah Lounge offer all flavors from Fantasia Shisha tobacco

Choose your favorite flavor from our biggest menu and enjoy in a relaxing laid back environment, using Intgernet / Wifi / Watching TV, or listen your favorite music At Exotic KC Hookah Lounge

fantasia hookah & shisha at exotic hookah lounge in kansas city

Shisha Flavors

Fantasia ace of spades— mint chocolate chip ice creamsweet pineapple blueberry bubble gum

Fantasia black mamba— guava & pear


Fantasia black martini— sweet blackberry


Fantasia cactus breeze— pineapple & orange


Fantasia caramel cappuccino— caramel coffee


Fantasia cosmopolitan— cranberry lime


Fantasia cuban mojito— lime mint


Fantasia golden double apple— apple, anise, licorice


Fantasia incredible

Fantasia cupid’s arrow— strawberry/raspberry blow pop


Fantasia diablo— red hots candy


Fantasia dirty blonde— banana pineapple


Fantasia dragon’s breath— papaya, kiwi, & cactus fruit


Fantasia firecracker— blue raspberry, lemon, mint & cherry


Fantasia incredible— green gelatin


Fantasia joker— strawberry, guava, pomegranate & apple


Fantasia lucky— kiwi lime


Fantasia magic dragon— blueberry mint


Fantasia mai tai— pineapple, cherry, & coconut


Fantasia mary jane— pink guava


Fantasia massari— grape mint


Fantasia mon cherry— cherry lollipop


Fantasia purple haze— sweet grape candy


Fantasia purple k— white grape


Fantasia queen of hearts— sweet cherry rose


Fantasia rainbow burst— fruit cereal


Fantasia menage— watermelon citrus


Fantasia kali drizzle— grape bubblegum


Fantasia rainbow burst

Fantasia red velvet

Fantasia red velvet— vanilla frosting


Fantasia screwdriver— citrus orange cocktail


Fantasia surfer— coconut & pineaple


Fantasia the million dollar flavor— cherry dr. Pepper candy cake


Fantasia triple x— peach, cranberry and orange


Fantasia triple apple— sweet red apple, green apple, & yellow semi-tart apple


Fantasia vanilla sky— fruity vanilla


Fantasia yagerbomb— cranberry energy drink


Fantasia white lotus— coconut, citrus, & honey dew melon


Fantasia red lightning— strawberry


Fantasia hydroponics— peach


Fantasia trendsettah yachtmaster wet mango— sweet grape candyfantasia


Trendsettah da bomb blueberry— white grape


Fantasia trendsettah swag berry— mixed berry


Fantasia trendsetta rozay wine— sweet red rose


Fantasia trendsettah one hundred— wintergreen mint


Fantasia trendsettah maybach melon— sweet melon


Fantasia trendsettah one hundred— wintergreen mint


Fantasia trendsetta cali green— sweet and sour green apple


Fantasia trendsettah og sweet— cotton candy bubble gum


Fantasia trendsetta hush honey— natural sweet honey


Fantasia trendsettah shisha


Moreover we have collection of brands and hundreds of flavors. 

Exotic KC Hookah Lounge

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