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Starbuzz Shisha and Flavors

Our Hookah & Shisha Menu include Starbuzz flavors

Exotic KC Hookah Lounge offer biggest menu of Starbuzz Shisha flavors.

Starbuzz Shisha Flavors

Apple Americano

This flavor is for those People who like dark and rich espresso flavors wrapped in the sweetness of a candy apple. Flavor pairing sounds strange, but these deep flavors play very well off of each other.


Arabian Coffee

Deep chocolaty coffee flavor that would go well when mixed with vanilla or mint.


Black Grape

This strong flavor balances sweet with spicy, the intense grape smell will knock you over when you open the lid!


Blue Mist

Universally loved, Best selling Starbuzz flavor. With a sweet, light, blueberry/cotton candy flavor, it’s a great shisha to start with, and is perfect for daily sessions.


Blue Surfer

Less ambitious version of the Silver Surfer. May not be a super hero, but brings a mix of sweet tropical fruits and cooling mint.



Refreshing flavors of pineapple and banana into a hard candy, and boom!


Caramel Macchiato

Similar to the drink, this shisha flavor is creamy, and rich, with a hint of caramel sweetness.


Christmas Mix

Tastes like Christmas, a wintery mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, spice, and everything nice.


Coco Jumbo

Tastes like lime and coconut.


Code 69

Cool fruit punch flavor mixed with thick clouds of tart citrus.


Flower Power

– Intense & full flavor, mixes together an aromatic floral punch with fruity sweetness. It’s like being punched in the face by a flower dressed up as an orange, Crazy good.


Fruit Sensation

– This Shisha picks one fruit, and sticks with it! You’re going to get a mouthful of pear with this Fruit Sensation.


Hard Rush

– Winter fresh mint gives an extra kick to a generous combination of fine fruity flavors.


Honey Berry – Like a standard sourberry but gets an extra swirl of complexity by adding a hint of honey liqueur.


Lebanese Bombshell –If you’ve ever wanted to smoke a forest, this may be the closest that you can get. Taking a long drag of Lebanese Bombshell is akin to breathing in cedar wood shavings.


Marlett – This particular flavor is always changing depending on ‘trends’. However, the majority of reviews describe it as being similar to a rich Merlot. This includes grape, berry, and spicy flavors.


Passion Kiss –Tropical fruit.


Pink – A hint of lemonade underneath light raspberry flavor in Pink.


Pirate’s Cave –No non-sense, swashbucklin’, lemon-lime explosion! Think of Skittles or Mt. Dew, and you’re in the right direction.


Pomberry – Mysterious, but it’s actually exactly how it sounds, Pomegranate, Berries, Booyah.


Royal Grape – Strong grape flavor with an underlying hint of vegetation.


Sex on the Beach – Similar to the drink that is it’s namesake, this shisha flavor combines one part lemon and one part orange, shake, and serve under a hot coal twist!


UFO- Imagine taking ever kind of citrus fruit available and throwing it in a blender with some marshmallows and whipped cream.

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